2024-2025 Proposed Budget

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2024-2025 Proposed School Budget

Re:  2024-2025 Proposed School Budget

Dear Winslow Parents and Community Members,

The following information  provides you with a summary of  the proposed 2024-2025 (fy25) school budget.  The proposed budget represents the funding that school officials recommend in order to maintain a quality education for our students along with  being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers in our community. The proposed budget was developed over a period of several months.  During that time each cost center was presented to our school board.  The meetings were open to the public, live steamed and recorded. 


Our total budget request for fy25  is $20,237,317.89.  In order to arrive at this number, cuts and adjustments were made during the budget development process.    


We did experience an  increase in state revenue over last year which was a tremendous help in supporting this budget.  Our total state subsidies equal $9,672,467.62.    We also experienced an increase in tuition revenue from students living in communities other than Winslow wishing to be a part of our school system.  In total, all  revenues that can be applied in support of this budget equal $10,762.882.91 

After applying the  state and local revenues mentioned above,  the proposed  fy25 Winslow School budget represents a  6.25% increase (or $557,303.33)  to the local tax appropriation.  See below for additional information regarding the proposed budget and the Winslow School District. 

Thank you,

Peter Thiboutot

Superintendent of Winslow Schools

Proposed 24-25 Budget.pdf

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